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GRIN PM53A KW mower with Kawasaki FJ180V KAI 4-stroke 179cc trailed 53cm engine

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GRIN PM53A KW mower with Kawasaki FJ180V KAI 4-stroke 179cc trailed 53cm engine

GRIN PM53A KW mower with Kawasaki FJ180V KAI 4-stroke 179cc trailed 53cm engine

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GRIN PM53A KW lawnmower mower with Kawasaki FJ180V KAI engine - 4-stroke GRIN PM53A KW is built on the tried and tested GRIN chassis, and is fitted with the highly appreciated 179 cc Kawasaki FJ180V KAI professional engine equipped with a forced lubrication system, which allows cutting even on steep slopes, without oil suction problems. The professional 2-SPEED traction unit, made of watertight aluminium box in an oil bath, is reliable and powerful and allows the speed to be adjusted according to lawn conditions. The innovative traction design, supported by GRIN's 'suspended axles', increases shock resistance and preserves the mechanism over time. Ideal for professional maintenance, it is a machine that gives its best in difficult situations. Maintainers who use it are amazed at its pulverising capacity even in tall, wet grass. It is also possible to use it in maintenance operations with low cutting frequency. The 53 cm cutting width makes it suitable for large areas, while at the same time guaranteeing practicality even in small spaces. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: Cutting width: 53 cm Drive: Professional 2 speeds Starting: Recoil Cutting system: Patented cutting system GRIN CUTS, DOES NOT CUT, DOES NOT DRAIN Cutting height: 4 adjustable heights on the front wheel Wheels: Grip Grin, steel with double ball bearing. Rear wheels with MAXI diameter Cover and structure: Reinforced, hot painted steel Handle: Foldable with vibration-damping quick adjusters Engine: Kawasaki FJ180V KAI - 4-stroke with forced lubrication for cutting on slopes - 179 CC Dry weight: 47 Kg ADVANTAGES: - Suitable for all lawn situations and heavy use The sturdiness of the frame combined with professional components for heavy-duty use. The possibility to vary the speed to adapt to various lawn and ground situations. Accessories designed for many hours of consecutive work. - Standard shock-absorbing system Motor-saving cone which, in combination with the Grin frame, absorbs shocks due to accidental impacts against stones or roots during cutting, minimising the consequences of these impacts as much as possible - Cutting on slopes Kawasaki's professional engine for slopes is equipped with a forced oil lubrication system, which allows the operator to work with peace of mind on sloping lawns. FEATURES: - CENTRALISED CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Rapid height adjustment on all four wheels by means of a single lever. Allows the desired cutting height to be selected quickly and easily with a single movement. - DRIVE - SUSPENDED BELT The drive, oil-bath aluminium box, works suspended, reducing the load borne by the arms. The belt, which is completely enclosed by the cover, stretches automatically, following the movement of the traction and making wear and tear negligible. - POWERED BY KAWASAKI The Kawasaki professional slope engine is equipped with a forced oil lubrication system that allows the operator to work with peace of mind on sloping lawns. - REAR AXLES REINFORCED The 25 mm diameter rear axles are anchored to the supporting structure with double brackets. They avoid unloading the weight of the machine and any shocks on the traction arms, making the structure more solid and resistant. - PATENTED BLADE The special patented blade is manufactured using a special production process, which increases its strength and durability. The thickness of the materials and the sharpening process allow it to last up to 3 times longer than traditional blades. - PATENTED CUP The completely smooth cap is made entirely of hot-painted steel with a thickness of approximately 3 mm. This provides robustness and allows the grass to be properly centrifuged. - FAST HANDLE ADJUSTMENT Sturdy adjusters, made of die-cast aluminium, allow the handle height to be adjusted quickly and folded completely onto the machine. This helps reduce bulk and allows the machine to be positioned vertically for quick and easy cleaning. - STEEL GRIP GRIN WHEELS The double ball-bearing steel wheels with special Grip Grin tread are mounted on 25 mm diameter axles - SINGLE BEARING STRUCTURE The bearing structure is made of 25 mm diameter tubular steel, which is welded to the shell to form a single solid block (registered utility model). This increases the robustness of the machine and helps reduce vibrations. CODE: PFO-0036 ATTENTION: ITALIAN product, 3 YEARS WARRANTY. Spare parts and service at our specialised workshop, or at the Italian or European dealer network. cz

Product Details

Data sheet

179 cc
Peso a secco
47 kg
Larghezza di taglio (Cm)
53 cm
Materiale scocca
Marca motore
Tipo di trasmissione
A spinta
Tipo di Taglio
Regolazione altezza di taglio
Superficie consigliata
1200 Mq
Pendenza massima
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