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STIG-A 1500 cordless cordless walk-behind mowing robot mower


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STIG-A 1500 cordless cordless walk-behind mowing robot mower

STIG-A 1500 cordless cordless walk-behind mowing robot mower

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NEW APRIL 2022 STIG-A 1500 ROTARY MOWER ROBOT STIG-A 1500 Designed for absolute precision, the Stig-A 1500 is the only lawnmowing robot to feature STIGA's exclusive patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. Other autonomous mowers may lose their signal or encounter obstacles in built-up areas, requiring you to intervene for them to finish the job. In contrast, the Stig-A 1500 is able to predict the quality of the GPS signal at different times of the day and intelligently organises itself in advance to ensure that you can work uninterrupted when the signal is at its strongest. Stig-A 1500 knows exactly when, where and how to cut the grass to keep your lawn healthy and give you and your family time to enjoy your garden. The installation is completely virtual, which means that the working perimeter can be set via the app: ask your dealer for advice on the first installation. Should the layout of your garden change, simply open the STIGA.GO app and teach your Stig-A 1500 the new details, all via the app. Thanks to our long-lasting STIGA ePower battery, the Stig-A 1500 can reliably mow a lawn of up to 1500m in just two mowing sessions per day, allowing you to spend a great deal of time on it, and nourishing it to make it healthier. Powered by the STIGA ePower battery, in combination with RTK AGS technology based on a 4G signal, Stig-A is able to maintain absolute tracking accuracy and plan the most rational coverage and time-efficient route. The result is unprecedented cutting efficiency in terms of time and quality, in just two cutting sessions per day. If you are relaxing in the garden while your Stig-A 1500 is busy cutting, excellent sound insulation keeps the engine noise inside the machine. Or, on days when you have guests over, you can use the app's 'stay-away' setting to tell the robot which areas to avoid at certain times. When it's time for maintenance and cleaning, the robust outer cover can be easily removed without tools and can be safely cleaned with a garden hose. A 900-hour connectivity package is included with the robot, allowing it to run and connect for a full season. The robot's technology is based on data communication between STIGA Cloud and the robot itself. The subscription fee is mandatory for the operation of Stig-A and depends on the amount of data required. POWER Battery capacity: 5 Ah Charging time: 120 min Maximum working time: 150 min Power supply: Lithium-ion battery Battery kit: Included Motor type: Brushless Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery voltage: 25.2 V Number of batteries: 1 Charging system: Automatic Max. cutting surface: 1500 sqm Max. cutting time per cycle: 2 h 30 min Power kit: Included CUTTING SYSTEM Cutting system: Organised Cutting width: 18 cm Cutting height adjustment: Electronic Cutting height: 20 - 60 mm Blade type: 4 pivoting blades Blade speed: 2850 rpm Maximum cutting speed: 22 m/m Return to charge: Automatic short cut Rain sensor: Yes Maximum slope: 45% Maximum slope near the edge: 20% Blade type: 4 pivoting blades Organised cut: Yes Intelligent cutting height adjustment: Upgradable Virtual zone exclusion: Yes EQUIPAGGIAMENTO Type of connection: Schuko (Type F) NAVIGATION AND DEVICES App control: GPRS-4G Bluetooth receiver: Yes GPS: Yes GPS antenna reference: Included Smart App: Yes STIGA AGS technology: Yes User interface: Keyboard STANDARD EQUIPMENT AND INSTALLATION FASTENING NAILS: 7 Pc Base cover: Optional Rechargeable base: Yes PRODUCT SAFETY Lifting sensor: Yes Obstacle detection sensors: Yes APP Lock: Yes Anti-tilt sensor: Yes OVERALL DIMENSIONS Package weight: 16. 9 kg Product weight without battery: 7.75 kg Product length: 545 mm Product width: 405 mm Product height: 245 mm Product weight: 8.5 kg Package Contents - Charging base with reference station - Mounting bracket for reference station - Charger - 7 fixing nails - 1 tool for fixing nails - 4 blades + 4 blade screws Original part number: 2R7102028/ST1

Product Details

Data sheet

Larghezza di taglio (Cm)
18 cm
Regolazione altezza di taglio
Superficie consigliata
1500 mq
Pendenza massima
Capacità Batteria (Ah)
5 ah
Voltaggio batteria (V)
25.2 V
Numero lame
4 Lame pivotanti
Cavo preimetrale
SI presente
Tempo di lavoro
150 Min.
Tipo motore
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