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GRIN ride-on mower BM46A 82V 46cm Briggs battery with battery and charger

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GRIN ride-on mower BM46A 82V 46cm Briggs battery with battery and charger

GRIN ride-on mower BM46A 82V 46cm Briggs battery with battery and charger

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Battery-powered lawn mowerGRIN BM46A 82V New Briggs Stratton battery-powered mower BATTERY 5 Ah AND CHARGES 4 Ah INCLUDED TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Cutting system: Patented cutting system GRIN CUTS, DOES NOT COLLECT, DOES NOT DRAIN Cutting width: 46 cm Cutting height: 4 heights, adjustable with a single quick-release lever Traction: Professional 2-speed Wheels: GRIP GRIN steel with double ball bearing Hood and frame: Reinforced, hot painted steel Shock absorber: ENGINE SAVER CONE to protect the drive shaft from accidental blade impacts Handle: Aluminium quick height adjusters Motor: High efficiency with integrated control, safety key Battery: Li-Ion - 82 V 5 Ah (included) Charger: FULL RECHARGE IN 75 MINUTES of 5 Ah battery. Electronics for integrated diagnostics (included) Dry weight: 34 kg (weighed without battery) Recommended for: 400 to 1200 sq m on flat or sloping ground. For those who want the performance of an internal combustion engine combined with the quietness and comfort of an electric machine. Also suitable for intensive professional use and extensions of more than 800 sq m with the use of a second battery. HOOD The completely smooth hood is made entirely of hot-painted steel with a thickness of approximately 3 mm. This gives it robustness and allows the grass to spin correctly BLADE The special patented blade is manufactured using a special production process, which increases its strength and durability. The thickness of the materials and the sharpening process allow for a service life up to 3 times longer than traditional blades. SUPPORTING STRUCTURE The supporting structure is made of 25 mm steel tubing, which is welded to the dome to form a single solid block (registered utility model). This increases the robustness of the machine and helps reduce vibrations. PRO CUTTING HEIGHT LEVER The centralised height adjustment lever has been completely redesigned: - The new reinforced tubular construction with internal vibration damping has greater resistance to abnormal vibrations caused by improper use of the mower; - The new positioning of the handles reduces the possibility of impact with elements present during cutting (hedges, bushes, shrubs, fences, trees, etc.); - The new handle system is practical and ergonomic, suitable for all users and very resistant. THE GRIN RULES Remember that the Grin is not a grass trimmer with a collection basket. This makes it lighter and more manoeuvrable than the machines you have used so far. Take these simple tips into account when choosing the ideal model for your garden: Normally you have a smaller GRIN lawnmower to choose from than a lawnmower with collection (e.g. if you had a 53 cm blade you might be fine with a 46 cm GRIN). Where with the collection mower you needed traction you do not always need it with the GRIN: you do not carry the weight of the grass catcher, especially when it is full. GRIN grass trimmers with an electric motor have the same structure as grass trimmers with an internal combustion engine; the cut is particularly qualitative and, in a normal use situation, practically identical to that of the line with internal combustion engines. Choosing the right lawnmower is essential, so don't hesitate to contact us and visit one of our dealers! The battery-powered 82V grin line consists of a lawnmower with a CUT, DON'T COLLECT, DON'T DRAIN cutting system equipped with Briggs Stratton's brand new NEXCEL engine. This innovative brushless electric motor has a power output of 1.5KW and is powered by an impressive 82V lithium-ion battery. This technology enables performance that was unthinkable until now: in terms of power and cutting quality, the GRIN BM46A-82V is no different from petrol-engine machines, and the 5 Ah, 82 V battery allows 700-800 sqm to be maintained on a single charge under normal conditions. The battery is housed in a compartment inside the engine and can be removed for recharging by opening a practical door. This protects the battery from knocks and shocks as well as the weather. The quick charger enables the 5 Ah battery to be recharged in just over 75 minutes. The combination of 2 batteries allows the cutting of several consecutive hours, greatly increasing the possibilities of use. The GRIN BM46A-82V is a machine equipped with a Brigg Stratton electric motor powered by an 82V lithium-ion battery. The 5 Ah, 82V battery allows up to 800 m2 of lawn to be mowed under normal conditions on a single charge. Built on the tried-and-tested Grin chassis, it is fitted with a 1.5 KW electric motor, which provides incredible performance in tall grass and difficult conditions, comparable to a machine with an internal combustion engine. The electronics allow for a variation of the engine speed from 2600 to 2800 rpm, optimising battery life thanks to the automatic variation of effort according to cutting conditions. The structure of this machine is the same as that of a Grin lawnmower with petrol engine, and the ENGINE SAVER CONE is standard. Structure and engine make it a machine appreciated by professional gardeners when they need to combine cutting performance with the need to reduce noise, pollutants and engine maintenance. ATTENTION: ITALIAN product, 3 YEARS warranty. Spare parts and assistance at our specialised workshop, or at the Italian or European dealer network. lawn mower: battery: PRT0855 battery charger: PRT0857 cz

Product Details

Data sheet

Peso a secco
34 kg
Tipo avviamento
Larghezza di taglio (Cm)
46 Cm
Materiale scocca
Marca motore
Tipo di trasmissione
Tipo di Taglio
Regolazione altezza di taglio
Superficie consigliata
1200 Mq
Capacità Batteria (Ah)
5 ah
Tempo di ricarica
75 min
Voltaggio batteria (V)
82 V
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