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GRIN lawn mower PM53A instart 850 Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine 53 cm cut

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GRIN lawn mower PM53A instart 850 Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine 53 cm cut

GRIN lawn mower PM53A instart 850 Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine 53 cm cut

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GRIN PM53A INSTART Briggs Stratton 190cc lawn mower TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Cutting system: GRIN patented cutting system CUTS, DOES NOT CUT, DOES NOT DRAIN Cutting width: 53 Cm Cutting height: 4 heights, adjustable with a single quick-release lever NEW Drive: PROFESSIONAL 2-speed Wheels: Grip Grin, steel with double ball bearing Hood and frame: Reinforced, hot-painted steel Cone guard: Resistant to accidental blade shocks and allows quick replacement of the blade holder hub Handle: Aluminium quick height adjusters, anti-vibration coating - comfort levers Engine: Briggs Stratton 8. 50 professional OHV INSTART Start 4-stroke - 190 cc NEW Dry weight: 39Kg Electric start: YES, via a button on the handle Recommended for: Professional use even in small spaces, with the convenience of starting the machine by means of a button REAR AXLES The rear axles Ø 25 mm are anchored to the supporting structure with a double bracket. They avoid unloading the weight of the machine and any shocks on the traction arms, making the structure more solid and resistant. SHELL The shroud, which is completely smooth, is made entirely of hot-painted steel with a thickness of approximately 3 mm. This provides strength and allows the grass to be properly centrifuged BLADE The special patented blade is manufactured using a special production process, which increases its strength and durability. The thickness of the materials and the sharpening process allow it to last up to 3 times longer than traditional blades. SUPPORTING STRUCTURE The supporting structure is made of 25 mm steel tubing, which is welded to the dome to form a single solid block (registered utility model). This increases the robustness of the machine and helps reduce vibrations. DRIVE-BELT The drive, oil-bath aluminium box, works suspended, reducing the load borne by the arms. The belt, which is completely enclosed by the cover, automatically tightens following the movement of the traction, making wear and tear negligible. INSTART BATTERY The lithium-ion battery allows more than 50 starts on a full charge PRO CUT HEIGHT LEVER The centralised height adjustment lever has been completely redesigned: - The new reinforced tubular construction with internal antivibration has greater resistance to abnormal vibrations caused by improper use of the mower; - The new positioning of the handles reduces the possibility of impact with elements present during cutting (hedges, bushes, shrubs, fences, trees, etc.); - The new handle system is practical and ergonomic, suitable for all users and very resistant. START BUTTON To start the motor, simply press a button located on the handle. THE GRIN RULES Remember that the Grin is not a lawnmower with a collection box. This makes it lighter and more manoeuvrable than the machines you have used so far. Take these simple tips into account when choosing the ideal model for your garden: Normally you have a smaller GRIN lawnmower to choose from than a lawnmower with collection (e.g. if you had a 53 cm blade you might be fine with a 46 cm GRIN). Where with the collection mower you needed traction you do not always need it with the GRIN: you do not carry the weight of the grass catcher, especially when it is full. GRIN grass trimmers with an electric motor have the same structure as grass trimmers with an internal combustion engine; the cut is particularly qualitative and, in a normal use situation, practically identical to that of the line with internal combustion engines. Choosing the right lawnmower is essential so don't hesitate to contact us and visit one of our dealers!

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190 cc
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39 Kg
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1200 m
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