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Lawnmower, mower, professional GIANNI FERRARI GTS220D Kubota diesel


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Lawnmower, mower, professional GIANNI FERRARI GTS220D Kubota diesel

Lawnmower, mower, professional GIANNI FERRARI GTS220D Kubota diesel

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Lawnmower, lawnmower mower, professional
The power of the's hydraulics is the heart of the GTS: » hydrostatic Transmission 2 - wheel drive, smooth and effective » hydraulic pto for maximum versatility and simplicity d'use » the Steering is light and precise power steering » hydraulic Lift front 2 points for the comfortable and sturdy » Emptying of hydraulic basket, even in the height Action front All of the equipment and the cutting units are located in front of the tractor: in this way, l'operator has maximum visibility and a perfect control of the work. The flat front size l'grass before the machine crush for a'excellent cutting quality. Also the front deck allows the operator to cut under bushes and makes trimming around trees, flower beds and walls.

Cut and collection The contra-rotating blades are equipped with a palettamento that give a strong boost aerodynamics and convey it directly to l'grass all's inside of the basket. L'wide channel load, thanks to its particular shape, gives a'further acceleration all's the grass. The collection system of direct dell'grass avoids l'clogging even in hard conditions of tall, moist grass.

Basket collection The large basket collection by 480 litres is made of durable material, shock-resistant and is equipped with baffles and d's air that ensure maximum filling and that lead dust towards the back, allowing it to operate in favourable conditions. The emptying of the basket is done by means of hydraulic jacks, without any effort of the's operator. The discharge to 80 cm from the ground that allows you to empty more baskets on the same pile thus decreasing the space for the exhaust, or to empty l'grass all the way to's inside of a small shopping cart from the garden Place guide The seat of the GTS was designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomics d'utilisation. The seat with a high backrest is adjustable lengthwise to work without tiring. The steering wheel is ergonomically designed with soft grip handle and knob. All controls are simple and user friendly with ergonomic levers and shaped handle. Versatility The frontal disposition of the equipment, in addition to the benefits of comfort and effectiveness, it allows one's high degree of versatility. The range of tools specially developed for the GTS offers the significant advantage of being able to expand the possibilities of the use the machine slowly and use the GTS during the whole l'arch's the year. The replacement of the equipment is very simple because no tools are needed and requires only a few seconds thanks to the quick-release couplings, and the quick connectors of the hydraulic lift.

Size and dimensions L's unique combination of a flat front with direct funding allows to maintain the overall dimensions and extremely tight, to the advantage of maneuverability. The GTS offers l's the ideal combination of versatility and productivity: the proper width of the equipment front allows the passage through tight spaces without compromising the hourly productivity. Transmission The hydrostatic transmission is available in the versions 2 - - wheel-drive. Engine The GTS engine mounts professional diesel Kubota. For maximum performance is available with a powerful diesel engine, 3 cylinder 22 HP liquid-cooled. The oversized radiator with anti-clogging fin is in the raised position and stays clean longer, even in tough conditions. The filter system with pre-filter, self-cleaning, cyclone protects the engine and prolongs the life.

technical Characteristics :
Model: D 902
Power : DIESEL
Power : 22 Hp
Displacement: 898 cc
Capacity' tank : 15 L
Number of cylinders : 3 cylinder
Cooling: Liquid
Wheels: 18 x 8.50 - 8
rear Wheels: 15 x 6.00 - 6
drive Wheels : 2WD
Type: Hydraulic 2 points with quick-coupling
Drivetrain wheels: closed Circuit piston pump with variable displacement
PTO and auxiliary circuit: open Circuit with gear pump
Capacity' oil tank: 9 ' L
Battery: 14 V - 44 Ah
standard Equipment: headlights - counter
warning: engine oil Pressure - battery - parking brake
radiator liquid temperature - pressure hydraulic oil
hydraulic oil temperature - clogging primary filter hydraulic oil
- collector
Capacity' collection : 480 L
Emptying: Hydraulic 80 cm from the ground
empty Weight: 505 Kg
Size: 208x99x135 cm
original code: 9292028

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